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Pet Window Decal: Cat Inside, In Case Of Fire Please Save Our Cat (with Graphic)

In Case Of Fire Save Cat Window Decal
Part# LB-1583
Colors Red and black
Shape Vertical
From only $3.95!
Display your Cat Fire Rescue Window Decal on your glass door or window. Self-adhesive window decals are proven effective.

• Stickers can go on any outside surface. Simply peel back the paper and stick them on.

• Stickers can be adjusted before fully pressing them on to a surface. Once they have set, they will stay on for good.

• Reflective material makes it easy to spot these stickers in an emergency, even at night.

Contents: 5 Pet Rescue Stickers

Price List
  Quantity / Price (Per Pack)     Order
  Material   Size             Pack Quantity
   Adhesive Signs and Labels          
  Engineer Grade Adhesive  5" x 4" Lasts 7+ years outside. Sign reflects light from a flashlight. Good water and chemical resistance Super strong 3M adhesive bonds the sticker to the surface. 160°F
  5 Labels/Pack  Pack
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